A Quilt

Amish Quilts

Amish quilts reflect the Amish way of simplicity and utilitarianism. These Amish quilts display variations in traditional patterns such as nine-patch and diamond-center-in-a-square in all-solid Amish colors. Each Amish quilt from Branch Hill Joinery is made from 100% all-cotton materials. Amish quilt tops are made from heavy Kona cotton. Inside is a warm layer of pure cotton batting. The backings are special Quilt Back cotton. Amish quilts are individually designed, pieced on a treadle sewing machine. and hand quilted with traditional Amish patterns -- ferns, florals, and geometric shapes. The hand quilting is done with cotton thread in very fine stiching - eight to ten stiches per inch.


If you have a particular design and color palette in mind for your Amish quilt, please send it to us and we can give you a quote. Amish quilt prices vary depending upon the size of the quilt, the materials used, the intricacy of the pattern and the thread yardage of the quilting. Amish quilt wall hangings feature a sleeve at back to place a dowel rod for hanging. All of our Amish quilts are originals and signed by the woman who quilted them.

Some other fine examples of traditional antique Amish quilts can be seen in the Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown recently featured at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. These Amish quilts were made during the classic period of Amish quilt making -- 1800-1940 -- displaying bold and colorful creations. Additional Amish quilts can also be viewed at the Revere Collection of Amish Quilts.